The Essence

The inspiration for The Essence Clothing is drawn from elements in art, fashion, film, athletics and music. The urban undercurrent of the collection was inspired specifically by New York City hip hop culture of the 1990s that shaped the lives of a generation. The name, The Essence, is symbolic of the raw core of the culture that stirs emotion, grabs at the heart and sparks creativity. The goal is to draw from bits and pieces of that era and offer a fresh interpretation. Looks are styled with excessive layering while some utilize symbolic graphics and creative wordplay all with the use mixed media materials to create unique pieces that feel custom and considered. The line includes wool, leather, suede, fatigue and denim based outerwear along with modified jerseys, shorts, joggers and headwear. Pieces have been showcased in concerts and public appearances in both the US and Europe by icons who are considered architects of 90s hip hop culture.
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