Jahzeal Lewis is a creative expressionist who has grown up and currently resides in New York. He prides himself as an autodidact, multitasking in many mediums across different artistic fields. From fashion design, music production and painting. As for his abstract art, the contemporary expressionist has a very unique way of painting. Instead of a brush, Jahzeal paints wielding only a katana samurai sword. He uses the sword to layer paint, develop textures and form gradients. He then attacks the canvas by slashing in paint, making bold marks that at times pierces or rips through the canvas itself. The artist forms a bold statement with his innovative style that creates a new meaning to the phase “cutting the tension with a knife”. 

In his more recent work he has adopted new elements to his unique style increasing the dynamic to each piece. Melting candle wax for a calming effect, burning the canvas leaving crevices of texture and installing mirrors behind the canvas adding transcendental dimension.


Instagram : @Jahzeal

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